The world market is evolving at lightning speed and it has become crucial for governments and businesses to respond quickly to such transformations. In keeping with this spirit, VACS has developed a revolutionary Business Process Management (BPM) model, which is vital in comprehending and communicating present and future situations for the organisation.

Our Business Process Management Consulting Services offer unmatched proficiency in executing innovations in technology and business models, and dedicates itself to optimising our clients’ business management procedures with a combination of strategy, ability and technique. We consider the long-term goals of a business and create forward-looking management processes to ensure that our clients gain a competitive edge.

Project Parivartan for the Indian Patents Office 

VACS has enabled the Indian Patents Office to transform itself into a customer-focused and responsive organisation, by focusing on future strategy, making the process of internal information more cost-effective, and by addressing inter-operations with collaborators such as WIPO, PCT, Trilateral and others.