Millions of Indians still live Below the Poverty Line (BPL) and face a number of issues related to health, education and employment. Providing meaningful employment and livelihood opportunities to youth is an absolute necessity to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth given the favorable demographics. VACS Edutech   has been a front runner in providing skills and livelihood training to people from different social groups. Our programmes have yielded impact through improvement in income and standard of living, not only for individuals but also their families and communities

VACS Edutech   pioneers in analytics training since 2018 and as one of the first analytics training institutes, it is widely acclaimed and known for high quality training by industry experts themselves. After establishing ourselves as the top analytics training institute in India, we slowly and steadily progressed to earn the same reputation pan India based on our stellar record and student satisfaction. Our students are placed in leading companies across industries like Accenture, American Express, Absolut Data, Axtria, Bank of America and McKinsey. We are focused at helping our clients develop skills in basic and advanced analytics to enable them to emerge as “Industry Ready” professionals and enhance their career opportunities.